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Greece 2015

Posted by Tim Henning on May 7, 2017 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

After 4+ years in Penang Malaysia, Victory Cat was shipped MAY 2015 from Phuket Thailand to Fethiye Turkey

Posted by Tim Henning on May 1, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

We apologize for not updating this website. We were in denial that our cruising life is taking a pause to replenish our sailing kitty by going back to work. We are now starting to update this website again since the adventure is restarting. At the end of APR 2015, Victory Cat was shipped from Phuket, Thailand to Turkey. We decided to finally ship the boat to the MED since we cannot get insurance to sail by Somalia/Oman into the Red Sea due to the pirates. Our good friends from Pilot, that we met at the equator 1000s of miles from land while crossing the Pacific, sailed with us from Penang to Phuket. We then want on an adventure seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bangkok before they returned to LA.

Victory Cat has left Bali for Batam/Singapore (1000 nm)

Posted by Tim Henning on April 6, 2015 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)


We left Lovina Beach on the north coast of Bali today (9/11/11) and we are heading for the Batam, Singapore and Malayasia area (Malacca/Singapore Straits). Our 1000 nm adventure should take 10-14 days along very remote part of the South China Sea. We vacationed with our kids in this area and we are looking forward to seeing it again. A couple of blogs and photo albums have been added for Komodo, Lombok and Bali. We enjoyed our 2 week stay in Bali, especially Lovina Beach. We were finally able to stock up on good provisions from several large supermarkets. We got good haircuts for $2-$4 US, meals for $2-$5 US, cold beer for $2.50 (lg bottle) , and 1 hour full body massages for $5-$9 US. Recommend Bali for vacationing at one of the many nice beach resorts or better yet, sail here in your own floating resort.


Bali to Batam

Posted by Tim Henning on April 6, 2015 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Our 1000 nm trip from Bali to Batam only took 8 days, which included two overnight anchorages. Pictures and blogs to follow.


The weekend after arriving, we took a 45 min ferry ride to Singapore and stayed at the US Navy lodge facility and we were able to shop at the Navt Exchange (NEX). Singapore had the F1 Indy car races downtown. We took the train into town to do some shopping. Then, we thoroughly enjoyed chili crabs washed down with Tiger beer at the East Coast Seafood Center.


We decided to stay at the Nongsa Point Marina and Resort for one month. The Turi Beach Resort is where we stayed with the kids 18 yrs ago and the two resorts are connected to each other. Use the website links to see how nice these resorts are. We will cross the Malacca Straits, world's busiest shipping lane, for a quick stay in Singapore around 20 OCT. We will then go to the Danga Bay Marina at Johor Malaysia, which is the starting point for the Sail Malaysia Rally starting early NOV.


First six months in Penang

Posted by Tim Henning on April 6, 2015 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (0)

After contacting friends still working at Honeywell, I (Tim) was offered a great opportunity to help improve an Engineering team at the new Honeywell Aerospace Production Facility in Penang, Malaysia. Ruth and I were flown from the Singapore area in OCT to Penang to meet the team and work out the position details. It was a great fit and I quickly accepted the offered position. It took over 6 weeks to get government approval (VISA) to work as a US citizen in Malaysia and I formally started working on 20 DEC. The challenge was immediate and I really like working with and mentoring a young, but very capable engineering team. I also like the challenge of learning how to work with another culture in an important Honeywell global facility. After nearly a month, I am still going to work with a smile and feeling like I'm making a difference when I leave to go home.


We had heard that the downtown Penang marina was suppose to be uncomfortable (rolly and noisy) and we may need to live off the boat. During our first visit to Penang, we found out that our shallow draft catamaran should allow us to move to a berth close to shore and we would be able to tie off using many lines on nearly all sides of the boat. The noise problem is only during late Friday and Saturday nights (load music from a nearby bar called the QEII) and we positioned Victory Cat to minimize the noise heard in our cabin. So...... we decided to try living on Victory Cat during our extended (1-2 yrs) stay in Penang. So far, no major problems. We are located right downtown Georgetown (main Penang city) with excellent access to restaurants and public transport. I was also able to arrange to car pool to work. Not excited about driving in Malaysia due to the normal chaotic way of driving. The food in Penang is excellent, large variety and very cheap to eat out. We have also found many options for buying groceries. We added an external air conditioner avoiding putting too many hours on the boat A/C and the external A/C does not require water cooling, which was clogging up the filters due to the dirty water and mud (shallow conditions).

We ended up moving the boat to Straits Quay since the Tanjong City Marina downtown Georgetown was failing apart. Its now totally gone. The Straits Quay Marina has an excellent sea wall and great restaurants surrounding it. The only downfall was feeling like we were in a fishbowl due to all the picture taking and crowds peering down onto Victory Cat. As you can see we were the first boat in the brand new marina.


We plan to wisely use vacation/holiday combined periods to travel around SE Asia (ex. Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur) as well as for sailing trips to Langkawi and Phuket Thailand. Penang is a perfect place to base oneself for exploring SE Asia due to the excellent sea, train, bus and airport access. We are also still meeting new cruiser friends since we are staying at the main Penang Marina (Tanjong City Marina). All good!!!


Komodo Island to the Island of BALI

Posted by Tim Henning on September 10, 2010 at 4:47 AM Comments comments (0)

On Aug. 20, we anchored at Gili Lawa, where we also snorkeled in extremely clear water with amazing coral and a ton of fish. Then, it was an overnighter to anchorage # 52 in the 101 anchorage book. Upon approach to the anchorage we came up behind a small two manned fishing boat where one of the men was doing his morning business off the back of the boat. Yep. (Note from Tim: Ruth was less then impressed, but I laughed about it all day). Late in the day, we met up with Kathleen Love, La Palapa and Air Stream. On the 22nd, we arrived in Gili Air. An awesome small resort island that was low key and a lot of night life right on the beach. We stayed there until the 24th,where we went across the small bay to the island of Lombok to fuel up and then off to Bali early the next morning. On Aug. 25th, we arrived at the anchorage in the town of Serengan on the Island of Bali. Our friends from Salsa and Happy Ours were already there. Salsa had done a non stop from Darwin and Happy Ours from New Zealand, both are single handlers. Amazing, but something I would not want to do. Salsa and Happy Ours did team up to travel to Thailand together on Happy Ours. We are keeping in touch with them via HF. The Bali area had been fully checked out and we had a personal tour guide, except Kirk rode his motor scooter ahead of us in the Taxi and almost hit a cow while en route to Sunur. The next day or so we went on a tour with Air Stream in an air conditioned SUV complete with driver. We traveled all the way to the center of Bali to a dormant volcano and lunch at a Asian Buffett with a hill side panoramic view. The harbor was filthy, but the people in the small town were awesome. I got about 10 loads of laundry professional cleaned for about $20 US, which in Tahiti cost us about 100 dollars. All of our friends arrived and the party was on. There was Heartsong, Salsa, Happy Ours, Airstream, Scott Free, Bally Whoo and La Palapa. Son of the Sun was at the marina in the next town. On the 31st we had a going away party for Salsa and Happy Ours. Kirk was leaving Salsa at the moorings and traveling with Phillip on Happy Ours to Thailand. Their goal was to leave on September 1st but they left on the 2nd. On the 1st of Sept. we had a going away party for Franz and Kerry on Son of the Sun as they left for South Africa on the 4th of September. We left Serengan on Sept. 6th and went to the Southwest side of Bali and anchored in front of our friends B&B, where Julia Roberts stayed while she was filming “ Eat, Pray, Love “. The only down side to the stay was that about 1 AM Tim heard a light banging on the boat and got up to find that two fishing boats had gotten their fishing net stuck under our boat and for the next hour we were helping them to get it free from under Victory Cat. The next day, we went over to Java just to anchor near a fishing village. Well were we totally surprised to see several fishing shacks on bamboo stilts in the middle of the anchorage (20+ shacks), extremely awesome. Looks like the shacks had large nets suspended below them and used the tide level change to capture fish. On the 8th of September, we arrived here in Lovina Beach, which has been my favorite place in Indonesia, I guess it was the best for last. Our first night here we had awesome Thai food, yesterday we had wood fire pizza, Shrimp salad and onion rings then I got my hair all chopped off while Tim got a one hour full body massage at the same place. Total price including tip was $15 US and tonight we are having Thai again. Hopefully we leave here tomorrow or the next day bound for Batam Island and Singapore. The trip should take about two weeks for there will be several stops along the way, but none are expected to have internet

Flores Island to Komodo Island

Posted by Tim Henning on September 10, 2010 at 4:42 AM Comments comments (0)

From Maumere aka Sea World Club resort, we traveled along the northern coast of Flores to an anchorage at the village of Moku Saki (AUG 12th), which was a small bay where we had to dodge several uncharted reefs to get into. On the 13th, we left and anchored at Lingeh, where we were greeted by all the children in the village in small boats. There must have been 20 to 30 children, girls and boys, coming to say hello and ask us about our boat and America. They spoke basic English, but knew that Obama was the President of America. They asked for pens and books, which was a common gift from past cruisers. We gave them all the extra pens we had, then gave them a few extra hats. The next morning only a couple of boats showed up to ask questions, except this one boy who wanted another pen and other stuff. After we tried to ignore him, he started circling our boat singing the Indonesian National Anthem. On August 15th, we arrived in the city of Labuhan Bajo where we anchored away from the city down by the resort area. Had an interesting visit to the fresh food market where we stalked up on fresh stuff. The next night we had dinner at the Eco resort restaurant with our friends from La Palapa. The next day we went to town and had an awesome wood fire pizza and cheap beer and an awesome view. Tim got a haircut for $20,000 Rp ($2 US) and I got a pedicure for $40,000 Rp ($4 US). On the 17th , we arrived on Rinja (or Rincah) Island in hope of seeing the infamous Komodo Dragons in the wild. Well we didn’t see any dragons, but Tim did see dragon and monkey tracks, however the we did snorkel and saw different types coral than we had seen before. On the 18th we moved to a mooring off of Bat Island. We had wondered why it was called Bat Island and then as sunset got closer more and more tourist boats started showing up and anchored just about 100 yards from us. As the sun was setting, giant bats, as large as eagles, started flying around the trees and screeching. It was truly amazing (see video). On the 19th we went to Komodo Island and had a personal tour guide to take us on a walk into the park. We saw many, many deer, chickens, goats, but were not promised to see any dragons because they only hunt and move early in the morning and late afternoon. We had a lucky day, at the top of the hill in the shade we found about a 15 year old female that was probably about 200 pounds. Then as we were arriving at the lookout peak was a young male hogging the trail. As I was trying to walk around him, I took my eyes off the ground and slipped. I landed hard on my bottom and scraped my palms and elbows and bruised my bottom. Was it worth it?? Hell yes!!!!.. When we got to the end of the tour we say a medium size female, a small male and a giant male and female couple. Had to be there to believe it. See the video and pictures.

Kupang to Flores

Posted by Tim Henning on August 30, 2010 at 2:09 AM Comments comments (0)

Indonesia-Kupang to Flores. This is not our first trip to Indonesia. The last time we were here we were on vacation from Japan and stayed at a 5 star resort complete with swim up bar on the far far west part.


August 1st, 2010: From our Indonesian check-in port in the far far east and poor, but populated town of Kupang, we started our Indonesia adventure.




Both the Mayor of Kupang and the Governor of Timor had parties for the Sail Indonesia Rally.


As part of the Indonesia rally we all left from the town of Kupand and were to head to the village on Alor, however the 3 knots of current and 15 kts of wind against us persuaded us to take the more comfortable trek to anchorage # 9 recommended in the 101 anchorages book. There we rendezvoused with old friends La Palapa, and got to meet new friends from Baliwhoo, and Scottfree. We also met people of a power cat from Australia that now lives in Bali named Mike. Several local fisherman also used this majestic anchorage located at the base of several volcanos.


From there it was just one beautiful remote anchorage after another. On the morning of Aug. 7th we were not comfortable with the next anchorage spot so we headed toward Wodong and hoped to make it before nightfall, which we did.


The next day Heartsong II arrived and that afternoon we had a lovely meal at a quaint little backpackers lodge a a few beers then dinner on Victory Cat. On the 8th of Aug. we headed to Maumere which was a little bigger town but smaller than Kupang. We anchored outside of Sea World Club Resort, where we setup a beach barbeque buffet for several boats.


The only reason for the name Sea World was I guess because when you set in the beach chair you could see the World of the Sea. However the restaurant and most importantly the bathroom was great and the food was very interesting. . I went to the restaurant and looked at the menu and was sooo pleased to see a club sandwich and I ordered it.. I am looking at a hamburger bun with 3 large slices of cucumber, a thin slices of tomato and something that is green leafy and cheese and a fried egg.. oh and a side cabbage salad. Well what do you expect for $2.50.. Now if I can just keep the flies away I can eat in peace. Thank God for beer.. One day, Tim took a 12 hrs drive with 7 other cruisers to visit some remote villages and the famous three colored volcanic lakes of Kelimutu National Park.








Darwin to Kupang

Posted by Tim Henning on August 30, 2010 at 2:07 AM Comments comments (0)

From Darwin to Kupand Indonesia. Many things have been very interesting sooo far on this trip.. On the crossing here we caught several small yellow fin tunas and because I had it fresh and chilled thanks to my wonderful husband I made sashimi.. It was ohhh my god sooo wonderful that I called La Palapa and asked them if they wanted to drive their boat a hour toward us for a sashimi delivery. They said OK. So we had a mid ocean hand off. Their order from House of Victory Cat, consisted of “out of this world” sashimi and a packet of soy sauce, packet of wasabi and a packet of ginger.. The best delivery ever ..

Approaching La Papalapa for delivering fresh sashimi 300 nm from land


Kupang anchorage and Customs check-in

Cairns to Darwin around the top of Australia

Posted by Tim Henning on July 24, 2010 at 1:49 AM Comments comments (0)

We left Cairns on June 22nd for a fast downwind overnighter to Lizard Island with only a reefed Jib in 30+ kts of wind). On June 23rd we arrived at Lizard Island where we caught up with La Palapa, Salsa, Hartsong, Sistutal and met Michael on Sheliah who lilke Kirt on Salsa is a single handler. June 24th all the boats went to La Palapa for happy hour. The wind screamed through the anchoraged at 20-30 kts for the whole time we were there (actually until we reached the Northern Aussie tip).


On June 25th we went to Flinders Island.

June 26th we anchored at Morris island and on June 27 we anchored at Portland Roads to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary with T-bone steaks, and a really good bottle of Red. On our way Tim caught a huge Spanish Mackerel that looked and tasted like Wahoo.


June 28th we anchored in Margaret Bay where we stayed for 3 nights (nice anchorage) and caught another yellow fin tuna on the way.. Fish side of the freezer is full..

July 1st we anchored in Escape River. July 2nd we arrived in Seisia where we passed the most northern tip of Australia and I have the T-shirt to prove it.


We stayed here for 3 days and on one day we all went to the local hot spot for beers, live music and dancing. The 4th of July I made breakfast for everyone and that night we celebrated by watching Independence Day.

July 5th we left Seisia and started the 5 day non stop trip to Darwin which will be our final destination in Australia before heading to Indonesia. For the first 2 days of the trip we has the most amazing weather then a whole day of rain and two days where we bumped, and bumped and bumped our way along while taking several large waves into the cockpit.. I found one flying fish next to the sail bag, one on the cockpit floor and one downstairs in the small cabin..???? One night Tim found about a 6 inch squid that had crawled through the window and inked on the cushion. Yuk. July 9 we are almost to Darwin but we stop and anchor for the night at Escape Cliffs with the most beautiful clear calm water. We had Taco mania night and listened to “Nights with Alice Cooper” on the radio. July 10th We made it and arrived in Darwin and anchored here outside the Darwin Yacht Club.

Great to see sooo many of the boats and people that we traveled with when we did the Pacific Crossing like Thumb’s Up, Son of the Sun, Contrails, Pegasus and Orono II, not to mention our usual clan that we traveled with to get here.

On July 12th we went to a near by marina to have happy hour on Heartsong, and we were just about to leave when we walked over to a Seawind 1160 to check it out. We met Les and Leslee and had some more drinks and they loaned us their spare UTE. ( utility vehicle ). I love Australian yachties.


I will love to leave Australia ( because we have been here since October 14th and it’s time to move on) but I will really miss her people. July 16th we went to town to pick up our Indonesian Visa’s and have a little lunch with Kirt and Michael. July 17th we went up the street to a outdoor market and a little lunch and stocked up on fresh veggies then that night was the Indonesian Rally BBQ. We had a wonderful time. One of the highlights was that on this exact day one year earlier we had met Son of the Sun next to Thumb’s up in the Raiatea Marina and we all celebrated Cheryl’s birthday and the same people celebrated last night..

Today is July 18th and I am finally getting caught up on the blog.. Tomorrow the 19th we go to the fuel dock to get our duty free fuel and fill propane cans for ourselves and a couple of friends. On Tuesday the 20th we have a all day Rally meeting and on Saturday July 24th we head out for a 4 day non stop trip to Indonesia. Thank you God.


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