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Shifting from working to living

Posted by victorycat on March 15, 2009 at 2:17 PM Comments comments (0)

The last two weeks were a blur and I needed to shift from a work mindset to a cruising life style.  I had to catch up with Ruth since she was already adapted over the last few months into cruising life style.


Ruth's 50th Birthday and family gatherings

I found out later that her birthday celebrations started in Puerto Vallarta with a late night of bar hopping.  Early the next morning, She flew out on her birthday and met with her kids in Phoenix for lunch during her layover. After arriving in LA, I put a smile on her face prior to meeting with friends at a nearby LA revolving sushi restaurant (Sumo Sushi).


Anyone who knows Ruth, knows how important birthdays are to her.  She always goes way out of her way to ensure someone's birthday is remembered as a special day. This fact caused me to feel the pressure for ensuring she had a member-able Birthday. With the help of several friends (especially Tim), she stated over and over that she had a great birthday (her best ever).  Two additional parties were held in Phoenix and Bakersfield while visiting family prior to our Pacific crossing. Both were very emotionally filled weekends. Hopefully, we put all of our loved ones at ease. Most were aware of our years of preparation and planning, but seeing ours confident faces along with showing them this website really seemed to help.


Leaving Honeywell

Departing Honeywell was tougher than expected. After finally being able to formally announce that I was leaving to start our sailing adventure, I received numerous well wishing messages and visits from far more people than I expected. The teams I worked with were difficult to leave, but I know they will continue to do well. I also reflected on the immense impact these teams (AME) have on the business and the seemingly endless number of new development programs that keep coming up. After our adventure, I hope to be able to work with all of them again.


Arriving in Puerto Vallarta

Over the next two weeks, I will have more opportunity to write about Puerto Vallarta.  The cruising life allows you the ability and time to become more familiar with the culture and people compared to being a tourist living at a resort. We take public transportation, take time to walk around and explore, go food shopping at the same places as the locals and you can tap into the cruising communities immense knowledge of the area.  You also relax more since the BlackBerry is no longer buzzing and you are not flying back to work in a couple of days.


Since arriving, we usually spend the morning working on the boat and doing Pacific crossing preparation projects, the afternoon doing errands or enjoying the pools/beaches and the evenings attending cruiser parties or dinner with cruising friends. The cruising parties have been usually for friends leaving to cross the Pacific, which leads to some wild partying late into the night. Then, the routine starts over again.


Future posts will include more about Puerto Vallarta and more details concerning our Pacific crossing preparations.



Victory Cat


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