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Brisbane to Cairns (June 2010)

Posted by Tim Henning on July 24, 2010 at 12:32 AM Comments comments (0)

The first leg after leaving Mooloolaba was a double overnighter and then it was mostly day trips. On May 31st we pulled in our first real good eating fish, a large Mahi Mahi. We actually caught two, but mine broke the line and got away.

June 1st we anchored at Leeks Beach on the Great Keppel Island for a 2 day rest.


On June 3rd we arrived at Pearl Bay where we met 1160 Seawind owners of Hadja, John and Gayle. June 4th we anchored at Middle Percey Island.

Cruiser famour Middle Percy Island beach shack


Middle Percy Island panoramic


June 5th was Scawfall Island. June 6th Shaw Island. Then on June 7th we arrived at White Haven Beach were we met up with our wonderful friends Yelena and Steve on “Goodtimes”.


June 8th we traveled around with Goodtimes where we moored at Tongue Bay, Butterfly Bay and Langford Island.



June 9th we all sailed 20 nm and moored at Bait Reef to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef (I did not snorkel water tooo cold). June 10th we anchored at Pearl Bay, on the Nara Inlet of Hook Island and hiked to an Aboriginal cave.


June 11th we finally arrived in civilization at Arlie Beach. Until now we had only been at remote anchorages. We stayed at Arlee beach for 2 days to walk the town and get some provisioning done for the trip to Cairns (last provisioning was two weeks ago).


13th we left at 0450 and arrived in Upstart Bay at 1630. June 14th on our way to Horseshoe Bay at Magnetic Island I (Ruth) pulled in a 20 pound yellow fin tuna… hell ya.. We stayed there 2 days since it was a well protected bay. On June 16th we anchored at Orpheus Island. June 17th we started our 2nd yacht log book and we anchored at Dunk Island.


June 18th we anchored at Mission Bay, which was just outside Cairns (which is pronounced cans). The morning of June 19th we made it to Cairns and on the entry we passed by “Son of the Sun” as they were leaving and we anchored behind “Salsa”. We had a awesome lunch and the best wood fire pizza in Australia. Had a walk around town, then happy hour on Victory Cat. June 20th we moved around the corner to the Half moon Bay marina.. yippee unlimited TV.


While we were there we were contacted by Dean who owned an exotic flower farm and was waiting to sell it to buy a Seawind 1160. Dean gave Ruth a beautiful exotic flower arrangement that lasted for weeks. We had a great meal and shared a lot of our stories with him (and his son).

Back in Australia with Crystal

Posted by Tim Henning on July 24, 2010 at 12:06 AM Comments comments (0)

We left LAX May 16th and arrived in Brisbane May 18th. We were picked up by our wonderful friends Gary and Wendy and took the ferry to Russell Island and back to the boat.

After Wendy and Gary fixed us lunch we went to the boat to unpack and get things ready to leave for The Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, which was the 19th to the 22nd. That night Wendy and Gary invited Urs and Thereasa over for a farewell dinner party.


We arrived in Sanctuary Cove the next day and were staying at a rented home with the Seawind family. Our part in the boat show was to present a one hour slide presentation about our trip across the Pacific Ocean. Presentation Link

While there we were also interviewed by a local news radio station for about 10 minutes. The boat show was a big success and we had a great time. The parties included the Seawind owners happy hour and the next night we were invited to the Fountaine Pajot owners party by our friends from Port Hacking, Louise and Gordon. Crystal met some young people and got to go party a little while she was hanging around. On Monday we said goodbye to our Seawind family and headed to Raby Bay to stay at a friends jetty while we got things together and took Crystal to the Australian Zoo, AkA the Steve Irwin Zoo.



The next day was time to take Crystal back to the Airport… sad to see her leave but happy to start the trip north.


The trip north started with a stop in Mooloolaba to see friends Charlene and Jimi on Terahumara at the Mooloolaba Marina. After happy hour we all walked over to seafood restaurant and had a great meal and a wonderful time.


The next day May 30th ( would have been my brothers 50th birthday) we set off North, Darwin the final destination, but first getting there meant a long journey for almost 2 months.

Visit to America and Heath's Wedding

Posted by Tim Henning on June 20, 2010 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I (Ruth) arrived in L.A. April 7th 2010 straight 13 hour flight from Brisbane. The cool part was the awesome On Demand movies and TV shows. Oh not to mention free booze.. Was sooo excited to see Carlee who was soo awesome to pick me up and to take me to my Mom’s house in Bakersfield 150 miles north of L.A. I left sunny and warm Australia for cool to cold California. Thank goodness I brought 1 pair of sweat pants or I would have froze to death.. After a couple of days to recoup, me and mom went to Los Banos to visit Lindy where we got 3 inches of HAIL. Then we went back to Bakersfield. A couple days later I went to Taft to visit friends Kimmy, David and Macayla to watch Macayla motocross, who is 7 years old, had such a blast. By April 20th it was time for me to pick Tim up at LAX. The next few days were at the Doctor’s getting check ups and the marine parts stores stocking up on boat parts.


We had a good time meeting for drinks and catching up with friends from Torrance Honeywell.



We emptied our storage unit and headed off to Arizona one week early to surprise Crystal. We had Don arrange a meal with his girl friend Jenay and Crystal at a local bar, but while we crouched behind a counter, Crystal walked in behind us and the surprise was on us. We spent the week with Tim’s parents and enjoyed the visit.


Friday April 30th I was off to Las Vegas for my nephew’s bachelor weekend to represent his father and my brother who passed away 6 years ago. The weekend was awesome, mostly watching the boy I knew become the man he is.



On Sunday the boys left and Tim arrived and we spent the week enjoying Vegas. Two highlights were seeing the “Donny & Marie” show and The Phantom Of The Opera at the Venetian.


Friday we left Las Vegas and headed to Bakersfield to pick up mom and Suzy then to Taft. We went to Dave and Kimmy’s dropped off mom and Suzy and headed for the coast to pick up our son Don at the rehearsal dinner and visit with family and meet the new nieces family. Then it was off to the beach house we were renting with Kimmy and Dave.


Finally May 8th has arrived and it’s wedding day. I really miss my brother today and is sad that he could not be there. The wedding was awesome and the bride was absolutely beautiful.



The next day we went to the ranch, which actually the home of my high school friends which were my family many times. After a wonderful time and BBQ we flew back to Arizona to stay at the Legacy Golf and Resort.


We caught up with good friends from Honeywell Deer Valley and AME.



While we were there we worked on our presentation for the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. Saturday the 15th of May was a fun day of golf with Don, Jenay and Tim’s dad. Sunday we headed back to Australia with Crystal.



Now we go back to Oz and continue our adventure on Victory Cat.

Cruising Up the North NSW Coast and Brisbane

Posted by Tim Henning on May 14, 2010 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Victory Cat is cruising north up the NSW coast of Australia (FEB 2010) and we are currently located at Dockside Marina in downtown Brisbane (MAR 2010) . We celebrated St. Patrick's Day walking around downtown Brisbane.

We had an incredible time for two weeks on the Gold Coast. Our new friends Oscar and Peta off ZenII allowed us to stay in their slip at the Southport Yacht Club Marina where we celebrated Ruth's B-day.


Then, we spent a week moored off Russell Island. Unfortunitly while we were on the morring another boat broke off their mooring and bashed into the front of our boat, but no hull damage.

While cruising up the NSW Coast to Queensland, we anchored in Trial Bay (historic Gaol (jail)), stopped in Coffs Harbour and Yamba.


We also stopped in Port Stephens area for over a week where we saw a wild Koala Bear and we had a pod of dolphins visit Victory Cat almost daily while we were anchored in Fame Cove. After leaving Port Stephens, we anchored overnight at Broughton Island, then stopped for an overnight anchorage in Tuncurry-Forster. The next day we left at sun-up and arrived by mid-afternoon in Laurieton (Camden-Haven). We had an exciting entrance into the river by crossing the bar while surfing Victory Cat on breaking waves between two narrowly placed breakwaters. We were smiling once we made it into the river channel, but do not remember breathing while surfing Victory Cat. Wish we had pictures of us surfing, but we were busy keeping the boat between the rock walls (breakwaters).




New Years Eve in Sydney Harbor

Enjoyed Avatar at the world largest IMAX

Christmas with 11 College students


We were interviewed during the Seawind Pittwater Regatta

 Seawind Pittwater Regatta

Sydney New Year's Eve Celebration

Posted by Tim Henning on February 12, 2010 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Now we are getting ready for New Years Eve in Sydney harbor, something we have been looking forward to since we were in Tonga. It was amazing. We rafted up with Good Times on one side and Vivacious on the other side. Katabatic had something broke on their boat so the 8 of them water taxied over to party on Victory Cat.

Five fireworks show could be seen all at one time. We had an amazing time, with the American flag flying high. We arrived on the morning of the 30th and left the afternoon January 1st, 2010.



Sydney Christmas and Timmer's arrival

Posted by Tim Henning on February 12, 2010 at 8:59 PM Comments comments (0)

On December 25th , we had the pleasure of hosting 11 college students.. When we went to our nieces going away party, we found out that many of the students could not afford to go home for Christmas, soooo we had them come on Victory Cat for Christmas dinner.. It was amazing, almost like being home.. Several students were from America, one was from Korea and a couple were from South Africa. ( sorry if I missed a country).






On December 26th Tim Moorhouse (aka Timmer) arrived from America for a 3 week stay. During this time we did the whole tourist thing again, including Pancakes On The Rocks, and the oldest PUB in Australia, Blue Mountains and a trip to the Botanical Gardens behind the Opera House.


Honeymoon arrives in Sydney

Posted by Tim Henning on February 12, 2010 at 8:58 PM Comments comments (0)

Monday the 7th we found out that Honeymoon was arriving in Pittwater in a few days which was sooner than we were expecting.. So with that we gassed up, said our see ya latter’s and headed back to Pittwater and the several National Park coves including Refuge Bay. December 10th Honeymoon arrives in Pittwater yea..

Honeymoon arrival in Pittwater (FYI - with exagerated baby in the oven)

Honeymoon and Victory Cat at the Basin in Pittwater 

December 11th had dinner on Honeymoon and got caught up. And on the 12th we went with Honeymoon and met Nemesis at the Arms club for a meal and another catch up. On the 17th we head back to Sydney with Honeymoon and their voyage into Sydney Harbor. Between the 15th of December to the 23rd is all a blurr. I know that one day we were invited over to Mark and Annie’s ( Katabatic) us and Honeymoon and Nemesis. One rainy and cold day, we went with Honeymoon  to see the movie “Where The Wild Things Are” which according to Seth was awesome (actually according to The New York Times) and in reality the movie sucked.. I did manage to stay awake, I kept waiting for the good part to start.. On Tuesday the 22nd we all went to see Avatar 3D at the worlds biggest IMAX in Darling Harbor....

Seawind Family and Factory visit

Posted by Tim Henning on February 12, 2010 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

December 1st to December 9th 2009. Rudy and Leslie picked us up at the marina and we were off for a beautiful drive along the coast and had fun at the blow hole followed by a visit to the Seawind factory.  

Rudy, Leslie, Ruth and Brent 

Then, we went to Richard and Carrie’s ranch in the country for a wonderful meal and great conversation (and unfortunately some hay fever). This was the first time we had spent the night off the boat sense we left Mexico in March.

"The Ranch"  

Wednesday the 2nd Rudy and Leslie picked us up and we headed south to Jarvis Bay and we meet up with Good Times for lunch on their boat.   

Ruth, Leslie and Yo 

Steve"O" and Tim

Followed by a drive through Kangeroo Valley and up the mopuntains to a beautiful water fall.On the way back we stopped and picked up a apple pie at the “Home of the World’s Best Pie’s “.


We then picked up a awesome pizza and headed to Rudy’s and Leslie’s house. Thursday, December 3rd we set off back to the mountains and to the Tree Top Walk. A walk way that is built up and you walk along the tree tops, with the added bonus of a viewing tower. We could see the ocean and saw a tiny speck of a sail boat and Tim said that Good Timesshould be at that spot so Rudy called them and it was Good Times…       

We went to a different waterfall but the walk was soo steep that only Rudy and Tim went all the way to see it, me and Leslie waited on a bench and enjoyed the sights and sounds. That night Rudy dropped us off at a seaport restaurant where we hade dinner with Graeme from the Seawind factory and his wife Henrietta, and talked about their sailing experiences in Southeast Asia and had a wonderful evening and they took us back to Rudy and Leslie’s. Graeme provided us timely and valuable Seawind repair/maintenance advise during our Pacific crossing. Friday the 4th we packed it up and headed back to Port Hacking. Along the way we stopped at a local winery and toured the Woolengong area where they live and took the scenic route back to the boat and they were continuing on to Pittwater.  Saturday the 5th we did several quick errands because Erin and her husband Leon lent us their car to use while we were there.. That night we went to Chinese with Jack and Elaine. Jack, Erin and Leon are business partners and have been good friends for over 30 years. Sunday the 6th was chill time and about 9am or so Jack came by and tossed the Sunday paper on our boat, what a great guy..

Port Hacking - Another example of Aussie Hospitality

Posted by Tim Henning on February 12, 2010 at 8:46 PM Comments comments (0)

Our Time here in the Sydney area had been so awesome that we have fallen behind in our blogs, so bare with me as many of the stores and dates are just hit and miss..


After our repairs were completed in Birkenhead ( yea my galley window is fixed and I can see the beautiful world again..) we headed to Port Hacking which is about 20 nm south of Sydney and anchored our first night at Jibbon Beach (below picture).

Then, on Nov 21st we went down the bay and around to Burraneer Bay in Port Hacking to hang out for a couple of days on Good Times, mooring at which time we ran into a couple off La Rochelle. We met Louise and Gordon at the Pittwater Rally and they were staying on Vivacious. They had just returned and were headed to the marina to gas up so we dinged over to talk to them more and to find out where we could go to watch the Cardinal football game the next day (Monday) at 8:00 am. At the Burraneer Bay Marina we met one of the owners, Erin, who could not think of a place within walking distance, so insisted we watch it on her Yacht. Well, when we got there on the 23rd the boat sat link was not working, so she took us to her home and dropped us off then came back and picked us up after the game.. We have been totally blown away by the Aussie hospitality.


Our new good friends: Erin and Jack


On the 24th we went to the Southwest Arm which was really about 2-3 nm to the Royal National Park and left civilization for the peace and serenity of the National Park.. Here we were almost the only boat in the area.

Port Hacking - SouthWest Arm (Royal National Park)


On Thanksgiving day the 26th, we meet a couple, Ray and Brenda,  next to us on Sun Chaser II, who had just finished Circumnavigation. I had all our food ready and we ran out of propane, but luckily, Ray and Brenda came by to introduce themselves and had a extra propane tank and invited us over for happy hour that night and delighted us with their stories of their travels.

Sunchaser II - Just completed their successful world circumnavigation


On the 28th we headed back to the marina and stayed on Jack’s mooring ball. On the 29th they hoisted a BBQ for us at the Marina . On the 30th I went with Jack’s wife Elaine to play tennis which a group of ladies and one man and all in their late 60’s and 70’s and they kicked by butt..

Incredible Australian hospitality and Birken Head repairs

Posted by Tim Henning on November 29, 2009 at 12:13 AM Comments comments (1)

On the 13th we headed over to Birken Head Point Marina for a few days to get some repairs and maintenance work done: galley window replacement (see Manihi blog in May); anchor windlass service including housel pipe and anchor counter sensor replacements; both engines had a complete 1000+ hrs engine service and inspection professionally done including replacing both exhaust mixing elbows and seawater pump seals as well as all belts; and rigging inspection and settee table repair (as well as other minor repairs).


Before the work started, the first night we had a very enjoyable barbeque with the crew of “Katabatic” at the Burgess’s very nice apartment overlooking the anchorage we stayed at in Rozelle Bay.


The following morning, Gary and Jennifer (“Reggie” brought back from storage some of the items we kept at their house in order to make room for Kurt. We had breakfast rolls and coffee while enjoying their company. They are headed to New Zealand for a vacation and we hope to get together with them again when they return.


On a special note we would like to say a special thank you to the crews of Reggie, Katabatic and the mono-hull Ngak Ngak who have helped to make our stay in Sydney harbor more special than we ever expected. We also would like to thank Steve and Morgan (Seawind) for making our stay at the Birken Head Marina possible.


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