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Posted by Tim Henning on September 4, 2009 at 3:55 PM

Niue August 9th to August 20th (Ruth). Well we arrived in Niue on Aug. 9th, but the story really begins on the 8th. Our 3rd 24 hour day and Tim caught one of his dream fish, yep he caught his first Wahoo !!!!!!!!!!!! I bagged 3 gallons of steaks. Sunday was our first day Niue and everything was closed, so after we met with customs, we sat around at the Niue yacht club until the owner felt sorry for us and opened up for us to check in and get a beer… Then we went back to the boat for a snack and a nap. That night I made wahoo in foil packets and we went to honeymoon for dinner and a movie swap. Seth and Tim have an agreement when we travel who ever catches the biggest fish wins, but must share with the other person. When we think of Niue, we will remember a week of the whales sleeping (resting) nearly every night in the anchorage. Sometimes within 10 yds of the boat. Little startling when you get up to take a piss off the stern in the middle of the night and have a whale spew loudly within feet of you. Monday we had the rest of our check in and breakfast with Seth from honeymoon and Joan and Chuck from Tender Spirit at the Uga café. Uga is the Niue word for coconut crab. There were two specials, the Big Uga and the Little Uga, however the steak, egg and cheese Panini looked like the best deal. Then, it was off to the supermarket and back to the boat. After dinner Franz from Son of the Sun and his new friend Katie came by and asked us to go into town for drinks, so we went to this little Indian café and we just had drinks and ice cream while they had Roties, which are basically chicken or beef curry wrapped in tortillas. Tuesday we went touring with Thumbs up and Julia Max and Kerry from Son of the Sun. Yep 9 people crammed in a mini van.. Everyone except me and Ivan went down steep hill sides with stairs or walked a ways back. Ivan had twisted his ankle so I stayed and read my book and visited with him. That night we all went to the Falala Fa for awesome Wahoo fish and chips. Wednesday night we had happy hour on board Tender Spirit, which is a 32 foot monohull. Not a lot of room but we were very comfy. Thursday night we all meet at the yacht club for a fish and potluck bar-b-que. Everyone showed up. Victory Cat, Tinder Spirit, Thumbs Up, Julia Max, Honeymoon, Brick House, Dosur, Bagahara, Follow You Follow Me, Wayward Wind and Kalalua. We served up by feeding everyone with the last of our Spearfish and then Wahoo streaks. Friday the 13th we rented a mini van with Tender Spirit (Joanie and Chuckles) and toured the whole Island and saw amazing sights including the Toga Chasms. Then we ended at the Coral Gardens Hotel on the Makapu point to watch the whales from above the 400 ft cliffs and play cards while the sun set. Saturday morning we dusted off the golf clubs (yes we have golf clubs on the boat) and went to the Niue 9 hole course with Aaron from Wayward Wind and had a great time. Later that day Kena arrived as well as two other boats. During their passage from Beverage reef they caught a yellow fin tuna so we had another awesome sushi night on Victory Cat, and 6 other boats. The night was filled with stories of Kena’s shark adventures and of course Tone (pronounced Ton nay) playing his guitar and singing songs he wrote and a few others. Sunday was a low key day and a lot of cleaning up. Monday we completed our check out, stocked up at the duty free store and hit the waves… The crossing from Niue to Tonga took only 42 hours, but the log book looks like 3 days since we crossed the international dateline. We caught several 35 lbs Skipjack Tunas (all thrown back after a good fight) and two yellow fin tunas, which were eagerly filleted and put in the freezer.

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