Suwarrow and fishing Suwarrow and fishing Suwarrow sunset 48021397 Victory Cat with storm background Suwarrow storm 48021389 Spearfish A Spearfish is cross between a marlin and a swordfish. Great eating. 47988743 Spearfish party barbeque prep table 48021279 Spearfish barbeque prep instructions 48021380 Dinghies tied up for the party 48021381 Spearfish bow party group 48021382 Uninvited party guests Blacktip sharks circling Victory Cat 48021393 Suwarrow Cook Islands National Park 48021394 Remote Suwarrow anchorage 48024847 Private beach party Victory Cat anchored at a remote spot on the southeastern end of Suwarrow 48021383 Moonrise at the remote anchorage 48021392 Ruth snorkeling in Suwarrow Incredible Suwarrow reef located at a very remote and uncharted area 47988745 Suwarrow blacktip shark Suwarrow blacktip shark hunting close to where we were snorkeling 47988741 Angelfish 48021384 Coralheads 48021385 Nice coral picture 48021386 Coral trees 48021387 Honeymoon crew 48021390 Ruth and Elizabeth snorkeling 48021395 At sea sunset 48021391 Spearfish bloody decks Caught between Bora Bora and Suwarrow 47988744 Spearfish bloody decks 47988749 Spearfish ready for filleting 47988746 Spearfish eyeball delicacy 48021396 Wahoo!!! Caught between Suwarrow and Niue 47988750 Wahoo Ready for cleaning and steaking 47988742